DOT Physicals

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DOT Physicals services offered at Pro-Health in Midland, MI

If you drive a commercial vehicle, like a city bus or a semi-truck, you’re required to participate in a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination once every two years. At Pro-Health Urgent Care of Midland, our urgent care specialists and experienced doctors, provide DOT physicals to commercial drivers throughout the Tri-Cities region of Central Michigan. To make an appointment in Midland, Michigan, call the office or book online today.

DOT Physicals Q & A

What are DOT physicals?

A DOT physical is a medical exam required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It’s an outpatient exam that assesses your health to ensure you’re physically fit to operate a commercial vehicle.

After you pass a DOT physical at Pro-Health Urgent Care of Midland, your provider signs off on a contract that you then submit to your employer.

Who needs DOT physicals?

You’re required by law to undergo a DOT physical if you:

  • Drive a vehicle designed to carry 15 or more people
  • Are paid to drive a vehicle that carries eight or more people
  • Carry hazardous materials that require a hazardous materials placard
  • Drive a vehicle with a gross combination weight rating of over 10,000 pounds

Most drivers only need a DOT physical once every two years, but if you have a chronic medical condition, like diabetes or obstructive sleep apnea, annual check-ups might be necessary.

What happens during DOT physicals?

At Pro-Health Urgent Care of Midland, a DOT physical begins with a discussion of your health and lifestyle, including if you have any underlying medical conditions, if you use tobacco or drink alcohol, how often you exercise, and if you’re experiencing any unusual symptoms. 

Next, your provider conducts a complete physical. During the exam, they look at your skin for any moles or unusual growths; check your reflexes, weight, and height; palpate your organs to assess their location and size; and examine your eyes, ears, throat, and nose. Your provider also conducts vision and hearing tests and orders lab work, like blood tests and urinalysis.

After you pass the physical, your provider signs off on a certificate that you submit to your employer.

What should I bring to my DOT physical?

If you want to save time at your DOT physical, Pro-Health Urgent Care of Midland recommends bringing the following information to your appointment:

  • A list of the medicines you take
  • Your glasses, contacts, or hearing aids 
  • Results from any recent lab tests
  • Any paperwork from your employer

Most DOT physicals take 45-60 minutes. There’s no downtime, so you can return to work and other activities as soon as you leave the office.

If it’s been more than two years since your last DOT physical, make an appointment at Pro-Health Urgent Care of Midland by calling the office or booking online today.